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Sphere ICO – Decentralized Social Network – Free Tokens

Posted on
28 January 2018
( 15 days ago )

What Is ?
Sphere is a decentralized social network that aims to disrupt the $500 billion social networking industry.

What Problem Is Sphere Looking To Solve?
Sphere intends to take care of the skewed nature of benefits in the social networking space. As currently structured, all the private information you share on your social networks only benefits a few industry players.

What Does Sphere Believe Is The Solution?
Sphere believes that you should have a share of the revenues that the social networking industry generates. After all, you are the one generating those revenues, since it’s your private information that is sold for profit.

How Does Sphere Intend To Go About Creating This Solution?
Sphere intends to give you a share of the benefits of this industry using blockchain technology. The idea is to create a decentralized social network that enables the end user to get compensated for interacting with this social networking site.