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All ads in 2. ICOs and Investments is a platform that uses a location-based app for hiring an on-demand private driver using cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Lift technology can be a very convenient and inexpensive method of using taxi service as it gives you the opportunity of watching your driver’s en ro
835 days ago
[ANN] Lift Token – Next generation driving platform
According to my knowledge, a team of multinational experts enthusiastic about giving global market opportunities for real estate investment. Ability to invest in the North American real estate market and profit. The company's strategy is to build a diversified asset pool of carefully managed high
782 days ago
Ability to invest in the North American real estate market and profit.
QRG- is born, as a collectible crypto stamp,releasedin May of 2018 by the National Post office of Gibraltar. A limited supply, only fifty thousand blocks of four stampshave been produced.Each block has a QR code printed next to the stamps, which when scannedgenerate 200 QRG Coins per block in an Eth
578 days ago
Gibraltar Crypto Currency (QRG),opens at $22.00 on the QRG on the
Blockchain business magazine. The unmatched magazine for all blockchain news. Find a few solutions concerning blockchain, bitcoin exchanges, propelled sorts of money and how to contribute in cryptoknowmics. Search dazzling and empowering new thoughts in cryptoknowmics. source>>https://www.cry
203 days ago
A Day in the Life of blockchain magazine
Put Your ICO on the MAP. Upcoming ICOs and Ongoing ICO Listing website and we visualize ICOs on the map. The new way to advert Your ICO.
885 days ago
ICO – MAP was created out of the need to bring true innovation to the corporate incentive industry, something we’re continuing to do today. As the incentive environment began changing, our founder noticed that the industry wasn’t changing with it. Instead of staying with the status
821 days ago
Their company is Prime-Ex Perpetual. They completed the ICO at the end of 2017. In Panama, PEX token is used to construct, sell housing and finance housing using block chains. Their real estate ecosystem consists of home buyers, PEX - token holders, prosperous, viable trading markets. Their home
769 days ago
How does work?
According to my knowledge this is the actual donation site. CаthоliсCоin introduces a nеw fundraising platform thаt ѕtrеаmlinеѕ thе рrосеѕѕ оf idеntifуing people in nееd аnd rаiѕеѕ funds tо bring them thе help they ѕо desperately require. What the Catholic coin all
716 days ago
Wonderful opportunity to participate in real investment.
Tokyotechie is one of the best ICO development company in India also provides services on advanced technologies such as Digital Marketing, IoT, Blockchain Development, ICO development, Cryptocurrency Development, AWS and Azure services, STO and many more... For more details visit us at https://tok
519 days ago
ICO Development Company in India
SunMoney Token Sale – Public Sale starts on 15.03.2018 Whitelist closes on 13.03.2018 INVEST IN SOLAR ENERGY AT ANY SCALE 20% of yearly profits go to the tokenholders via the buy back programme! Use SMTs (SunMoney Tokens): to buy discounted investment packages or rights to commissions, or
849 days ago
SunMoney Token Sale
I think this is a wonderful ride platform. I really enjoy it. Bitdrive is a revolutionary blockchain powered ridesharing platform that seeks to disrupt this industry, rid it of all inefficiency and make it the fair, equitable and highly transparent domain of modern business it is supposed to be.
757 days ago
This is totally safe and very friendly to the user for the pocket.
I think that this is a wonderful place to participate. At all, Bitdouble is a pretty solid pure bitcoin casino. It has many possibilities and will appeal to pure bit coin players there. Everyone can try it for free, this is a wonderful feature. BitDouble is not limited to coin transactions. BitDo
670 days ago
Amazing characteristics of BitDouble.