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Written by: cryptoclass on December 31, 2017

OK, so you missed the Bitcoin train.

You weren’t one of the few lucky ones to have bought a pile of the digital currency back when it was trading for dollars, only to watch prices balloon to almost $20,000.

You haven’t spent the last year watching your net worth shoot up into the tens of millions… while doing absolutely nothing.

You’re tired of hearing about what the next Bitcoin billionaire is planning to do with his sudden, unimaginably vast fortune.

Maybe it’s time you stopped feeling sorry for yourself and started to do something about it.

You see, while many pundits are calling this a financial bubble, those who understand the value of cryptocurrencies know this isn’t even the true beginning of what’s coming.

Here’s a very simple comparison to illustrate my point:

At the moment, all the cryptocurrencies in world put together are valued at about $400 billion.

That’s about half the market capitalization of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), which today stands at $729 billion.

Now, while $400 billion may sound like a lot of money, how much is it when compared to the total value of all online companies and all the online commerce that takes place globally?

It would be a drop in the bucket… And, in fact, where we are today is exactly that. In the next few years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will sweep the globe and come to redefine the way business on every level is done.

It’s that big.

That said, Bitcoin will probably not lead the charge. While its influence has been strong and invaluable to bringing the story of digital currencies to the open mass market, its run is probably close to over.

It’s the next generation of digital currencies that will bring this revolution to every corner of modern life.

Which means the profits are still yours to make… if you want them.

I’ve spent weeks isolating the best candidates to succeed Bitcoin, and of the over 800 digital currencies out there today, I’ve found exactly two.

They’re trading at less than 1/1,000 the market capitalization of Bitcoin right now (one trades for $3 per unit, and the other for less than $0.50), but that could all change overnight.

In fact, recent growth is already indicating an imminent jump.

So if you’re sitting there lamenting that you didn’t buy Bitcoin at $10 or even $100

Miss it this time, and I’m afraid you’ll be out of luck.