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Written by: cryptoclass on December 23, 2017

Bitcoin and Crypto “currencies” in particular have provided humor that Seinfeld would be jealous of.

As it’s declined almost 50% today, suddenly all the chatter from “experts” has died down. I wrote a post about it on my Facebook and Instagram on how to profit from a bubble.

They’ll be back tomorrow saying that it’s just a pull-back, and they’re probably right, the bubble isn’t ready to pop yet when you look at it holistically.

My friend Richard sent me this video and I wanted to share it with you, it’s a great in-depth analysis of Bitcoin’s viability, use cases and whether or not you should liquidate everything and get into it, watch it now:

This phenomenon is one of the biggest financial bubble lessons of our generation. Study this, there’s millions of Dollars of lessons playing out right before your eyes with this.