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Written by: cryptoclass on December 18, 2017

Bitcoin’s incredible rise has been no secret.

What started as pennies is now worth thousands of dollars a unit.

Over the past six months alone, Bitcoin has surged 300%.

But while all this is great if you already owned Bitcoin when it was selling for pennies…

…a second and bigger chance could be here.  

You see, Bitcoin was just the tip of the iceberg.

While Bitcoin is still the most well-known crypto currency, its pace of growth today is nothing compared to other surging crypto currencies.

Ethereum did seven times better than Bitcoin…


…gaining 2,206% in months.


A penny crypto currency called Reddcoin exploded 1,576% in one week.


Penny crypto currency Litecoin went up a whopping 2,823% in 40 days.


And penny currency NEO grew 8,247% in less than 100 days.


But the most incredible gain was seen by a penny crypto currency called NewYorkCoin that surged 2,757% in just one night.

The crypto currency market is, in one word, stratospheric.

It’s growth like this that is making millionaires out of ordinary Americans.

Thomas* started buying penny crypto currencies while he was still a senior in a New York college. Now he’s a millionaire many times over.

Patrick*, a former U.S. Marine, has millions in his bank thanks to penny crypto currencies.

And John*, a math consultant, has enough millions to set himself and his four children up for life, again thanks to crypto currencies.

Penny crypto currencies are turning small sums of money into fortunes…sometimes within days.

Photo: ThinkStock

One penny crypto currency turned $25 into $2,410 in just 10 days.

As you’ve probably already determined, no other investment has been delivering these types of quick gains.

Photo: ThinkStock

Not gold.

Photo: ThinkStock

Not silver.

Photo: ThinkStock

Not real estate.

I’ve identified what I believe is the crypto currency that could lead the charge in the penny crypto currency market.

The best news is this crypto currency still trades for pennies, 17 cents to be exact.

The two best parts about crypto currencies are:

  • The government can’t manipulate them because, just like the Internet, crypto currencies (for the most part) have no barriers and operate outside of government control, and
  • The big banks love them!

Yes, banks have learned they have no choice but to join the crypto currency boom if they plan to stay current with their customers.

Banks have figured out crypto currencies are here to stay and so rather than try to fight the crypto currencies, the banks are joining hands with them.

But not with all crypto currencies.

Having seen the volatility of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, the banks are picking and choosing very carefully.

In fact, a large number of banks have identified and backed one particular 17-cent crypto currency. It’s…

Not Bitcoin…

Not Ethereum…

Not Litecoin.

And I believe with the backing of the big banks that have already gotten into this play, this 17-cent crypto currency is all but set to grow at a stratospheric pace.

In fact, when news goes mainstream on the banks behind this 17-cent crypto currency…it could send its price soaring beyond $1, even $10…just like other crypto currencies have exploded.

What Exactly Is a Crypto Currency?

Some call it “Internet currency.”

Some call it Bitcoin.

But it is a lot more.

Simply put, it is the currency of the future.

And it has the power to make the dollar, pound, euro, yuan and yen all obsolete.

Here’s why.

Like cash, it lets users receive money and send money anonymously (which can’t be done with debit and credit cards, account transfers and old-fashioned banking wires).

And mostly importantly, it works for transactions over the Internet.

To understand the full potential of crypto currency, let us look at the very popular Bitcoin.


Bitcoin was the first crypto currency to make it big.

But like everything new, it started out very, very small.

I’m talking in pennies.

There was a time, not too long ago, when one Bitcoin cost 0.8 cents…

Just five days later, the value had risen to eight cents. That’s …

Astronomical Growth by Any Standard

Here is a true story.

Bob* first heard about Bitcoin when it appreciated tenfold from eight-tenths of a cent to eight cents over the course of five days.

In the next three months, it almost doubled and went up to 15 cents per Bitcoin.

Bob had seen enough. He invested $3,000 and got a little over 20,000 Bitcoins.

When the price hit $350, more than two thousand times what he paid for, Bob quit his job, sold some of his Bitcoin, and left on a round-the-world trip.

Bob has been traveling the world in ultra-luxurious style for the past four years.

Bob only flies first class and stays exclusively in five-star suites.

The price of Bitcoin kept going up. Bob’s initial investment of $3,000 is now worth $50 million, give or take a few million.

Ever since the price of Bitcoin hit $1, there has been no looking back for Bob. (I changed his name in this presentation to protect his privacy, but this story is real.)

When its price surpassed $2,000 for the first time, Business Insider announced

Bitcoin is going nuclear.”

That record has long been blasted out of the water.

New records have been set.

In less than a decade, the value of Bitcoin has grown from less than one cent to thousands of dollars a unit.

Just to put things in perspective, during the same time…

  • The price of gold moved from $1,128 to only $1,305 an ounce
  • Silver went up from $16.23 to $16.86 per ounce
  • The share price of Apple went up from $27.44 to just $153.49
  • And Netflix saw its share price move up from $7.28 to just $179.20

But just as important as Bitcoin’s astronomical price rise has been the worldwide acceptance Bitcoin ushered in for other crypto currencies.

Bitcoin can now be sent to an International Bank Account Number (IBAN), which allows people to make transactions using Bitcoin on PayPal and Worldpay and other digital payment networks.

And I’m not just talking about e-commerce. Even retail stores are accepting crypto currencies.

According to Business Insider, Japan has opened the floodgates with as many as 260,000 stores there now accepting crypto currencies.

And they’re not the only ones. Bitcoin can now be used to shop everywhere from Subway to Whole Foods to

Even small businesses like the Montessori Schools in Flatiron and SoHo started accepting crypto currencies as tuition fee payments in June 2017.

Marco Ciocca, Co-Founder and Chairman of the schools, says, “We would not be surprised if the percentage of tuition paid in digital currencies continues to grow every year and becomes a substantial portion of our payments”.

Students at Canada’s prestigious McGill University received free Bitcoins as the school offers education classes on crypto currencies.

Seeing this trend, several American universities have made crypto currency courses available for those who are interested in specializing in crypto currency technology.

And the government is taking notice too.

Photo: ThinkStock

In March 2017, Delaware state legislators drafted a bill that would legalize the issuance of Bitcoin. That bill was approved three months later.

Photo: ThinkStock

Other states like Texas, New Hampshire and Nevada are following suit by drafting their own crypto currency bills and regulations.

People and corporations around the world are waking up to the ever-increasing popularity of crypto currencies…and that’s huge news for investors.

Ronnie Moas, the stock picker who holds the #1 ranking from among 3,500 analysts for his 2008-2016 stock performance, said he has…

“…little doubt that 1% of the money in cash, bonds, stocks and gold will end up in crypto currencies.”

…1% of 200 trillion dollars!

That’s equal to 10 times the value of Apple and Google combined!

Given the way billionaires and millionaires from across the globe are investing in crypto currencies, Ronnie Moas’ 1% prediction might come true sooner than later.

Real estate tycoon Mike Novogratz has invested 10% of his net worth in a diverse portfolio of crypto currencies.

Tim Draper, who’s among Worth magazine’s “100 Most Powerful People in Finance,” is a big investor in crypto currencies too.

Bill Gates has gone on record as saying…

“…Bitcoin is better than currency.”

The point I’m trying to make is that the crypto currency market is the hottest thing on the planet right now.

It’s hotter than any paper currency in the world.

It’s hotter than FOREX.

It’s hotter than any stock.

And Bitcoin was just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, I like to compare Bitcoin’s story to that of the Ford Motor Company.


Ford, the first car company to introduce an assembly line, ruled the auto industry at the beginning.

But as often happens with commercial success, other companies moved in on the action, learned from Ford, and grew even bigger.

Ford, who some would argue invented the automobile, does not even rank as one of the five biggest carmakers anymore.

Bitcoin is moving along similar lines as Ford. Other crypto currencies have capitalized on Bitcoin’s experience and are making their electronic currencies more efficient and easier to use.

In fact, the non-Bitcoin crypto currency market is already worth $50 billion.

And most of these crypto currencies are so cheap right now, even first-timers, who know nothing about them, can afford to invest in crypto currencies without risking much money.


Take a look at how fast crypto currency Mooncoin has gone up. It skyrocketed 863%.


Dimecoin did even better; it went up 1,665%.


Mintcoin really took off; it shot up 2,843%.


And we can’t forget the legendary rise of Sprouts. It went up 29,465%.

Now, here’s where it gets really crazy.

The 863% gain for Mooncoin, 1,665% gain for Dimecoin, 2,843% gain for Mintcoin and 29,465% gain for Sprouts…

all happened in a single week!

That’s how fast these crypto currencies are moving.

I am sure you can see why investing in a penny crypto currency is better than investing in anything else right now.

Out-of-This-World Growth

There are over 1,000 crypto currencies in the market right now.

The majority of them trade for just pennies, just like Bitcoin did back when it started.

And there’s no reason to believe they won’t grow just the way Bitcoin did, if not bigger and even faster.

As I’ve shown you in this presentation, many of them have already begun to skyrocket in price.

Not by 100%.

Not by 200%.

But by thousands of percentage points.

The potential of penny crypto currencies in the months ahead is like that of the magic beans in the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk.

Remember how Jack throws the worthless beans out of the window at night and sees a beanstalk that grows right up to the clouds the very next morning?

Well, think of these penny crypto currencies as those magic beans.

Crypto currencies that are almost worthless (trading for pennies) can make your investment reach the skies.

Especially the 17-cent crypto currency that is on the verge of a breakout. In fact, if everything goes right for this crypto and it follows the path of Bitcoin, you could…

Script Your Get-Rich Story with This 17-Cent Crypto Currency

Photo: ThinkStock

Remember earlier when I told you about a penny crypto currency that turned $25 into $2,410 in just 10 days and how…

…a penny crypto currency called Reddcoin exploded 1,576% in one week?

Penny crypto currency Litecoin went up a whopping 2,823% in 40 days?

And penny currency NEO grew 8,247% in less than 100 days?

These are all factual; these gains all happened.

But as exciting as those numbers might seem, the 17-cent crypto currency that the banks have invested in could make all those numbers pale in comparison.

Today, this 17-cent crypto currency already has a market capitalization of $7 billion.

That’s because of its incredible transaction speeds.

While Bitcoin can perform only seven transactions per second…

…this 17-cent crypto currency has a processing speed that is thousands of times faster.

Speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to currency transactions.

Now you can see why so many banks are venture funding this little-known 17-cent crypto currency.

This crypto currency has a specific strategy focused on international payments and has already partnered with large global banks.

It is positioning itself in the market as a faster facilitation network for international transactions.

Banks from Switzerland, China, Japan, Canada, India, and Australia are already working with this crypto currency.

These banks have vested interests in seeing this penny crypto currency grow.

No wonder this high-potential penny crypto currency just raised $55 million in venture capital from a bunch of banks and other financial institutions.

Time is of the essence when it comes to this penny crypto currency and I don’t want you to miss out.

All you need to know about it is in this special investor report I’ve just written titled, Bigger Than Bitcoin: The 17-Cent Crypto Currency That Can Make You a Millionaire.

In this report, I tell you:

  • How crypto currencies work and why they are the fastest-growing form of payment for goods and services right now
  • Where crypto currencies trade, how to buy them and how to get the best price…especially if you have never traded crypto currencies before
  • Why crypto currencies are not a fad and why they’ll only grow from here
  • How trading crypto currencies can make you rich
  • Everything you need to know about the 17-cent crypto currency I’ve told you about in this presentation, including where to buy it and when to know it’s the optimal time to take profits and sell it!

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to get Bigger Than Bitcoin: The 17-Cent Crypto Currency That Can Make You a Millionaire for FREE.

But let me finally introduce myself.

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We are at the precipice of a whole new revolution in the way we pay for things.

Crypto currencies have taken off and their use in the Internet age will only grow from here.

Ethereum already gained 2,206% in six months’ time.

Penny crypto currency Reddcoin exploded 1,576% in one week.

Penny crypto currency Litecoin went up a whopping 2,823% in 40 days.

Penny crypto currency NEO grew 8,247% in less than 100 days.

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…and maybe even set new profit records.

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