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Trendercoin – Simple Blockchain solution for emerging market of $1.3Trillion consumer spending

Posted on
13 April 2018
( 7 hours ago )
No pictures is a digital asset for enabling easy buying and selling of bitcoin and altcoins with minimal fees in Asia and emerging markets in Africa

The Problem
There is rate difference of additional 10% to 70% on cryptocurrencies in Asian market and emerging markets of $1.3 trillion consumer spending in Africa. This is as a result of increase in demand for cryptocurrencies matched with limited access to cryptocurrency economy due to high exchange rate and fees.

Lack of easy access, expensive rate and fees leave the majority of this market out of the cryptocurrency economy.

The demand for cryptocurrencies is rapidly increasing and daily trade volume is in multi million dollars which could be billion dollar daily trade with easy access and lower fees.

The Solution and Arbitrage Opportunity
Trendercoin will be available for purchase in local currencies to hold or for instant exchange to other cryptocurrencies on Trendercoin exchange. This solution will create arbitrage opportunities and give emerging market massive access to the cryptocurrency economy with significant lower rates.

The launch of trendercoin exchange will skyrocket the demand for trendercoin and increase value exponentially. As trendercoin will serve as the bridge between ever increasing demand for cryptocurrencies and easy and affordable access.

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