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Introducing Taucoin

Posted on
9 August 2018
( 5 hours ago )

Have you heard of TAU- The Active Unit? 💥
This is an an experimental currency with the innovative Proof-of-Transaction consensus model.
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🔥Why and What You Need to Know About TAU 🔥

TAU proposes a fast circulation currency without inflation. Users collectively maintain the network security by doing normal economical behavior – transactions through time. With the technical innovation of “Proof Of Transaction”, users are incentivized to making necessary transactions by sharing the future block reward. No advantage is given to accumulating wealth and hardware.

• Proof-Of-Transaction 
the more normal transactions, the more rewarding; novel security consensus model on transactions made in club
• Automatic Harvest Club Participation 
no work or knowledge required to enjoy being part of a harvest club, and any one can run harvest node
• Instant harvesting reward share 
through “club wiring” special transaction
• Near Zero Cost Transaction Fees 
most of transaction fees are returned from club in future blocks
• Environmentally friendly 
consensus mechanism that is secure without needing to promote the consumption of fossil fuels
• Built 100% from our team (not a fork of an existing coin)
• Test driven development process focused purely on technology first
• First cryptocurrency to focus on the velocity of coin circulation
• First cryptocurrency to give no advantage to hoarding
• First cryptocurrency to have near zero cost transactions in perpetuity
Proof – of – Transaction
POT is the consensus algorithm to determine which harvest club will generate the next block. The weight is the total number of up to one year accumulated transactions made in the club. An NXT like network random number is generated to select club at the probability relating to their weight. POT is encouraging users to actively carry out transactions, on which, the TAU reward system will distribute benefits. It is different from POW and POS which encourage hoarding power. POT encourages circulation.
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